Evening Replenishing Elixir

This elixir contains nourishing essential beauty fats and spices known to help soothe inflammation and your nervous system


Mugful of hemp milk

1/2t powdered turmeric

1 toothpick swirl cardamom essential oil

1 toothpick swirl clove essential oil

Raw, local, organic honey, to taste

Heat the hemp milk to just under a boil and stir in turmeric. Remove from heat, and add swirls of cardamom and clove essential oils followed by raw honey, and enjoy hot and get a good night’s rest!

Hemp milk is high in the amino acid tryptophan which is a precursor to melatonin and helps promote sleep. Hemp milk also contains all the essential amino acids and a lot of minerals. 

Turmeric is not only a fantastic anti-inflammatory aid, but it can also help detoxify your liver. Befriend it and add it also to your soups, veggie dishes, your salad dressing or sprinkle onto your tofu scramble. 

Cardamom promotes clear breathing and envokes a positive mood and mental clarity. 

Clove is a powerful antioxidant, 100x more powerful than pomegranate. 

Raw local honey helps support your respiratory system by acclimating your body to local pollens of seasonal threats are a concern. 

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Cardamom Coffee – My (new)Morning Jacket

My husband loves hazelnut coffee. Beans or creamer, he’s gotta have it. It’s not my favorite, but I buy one or the other every week because I said in my vows to him that I would warm his heart and support the essence of him… that meant making coffee every morning.

I found a way to meet both of our needs; he gets his hazelnut fix, we get our life fuel and I get to slip in yet another essential oil into my daily routine: I buy plain French roast, hazelnut creamer (for him) and I get my pick of the litter with the help of a tiny little toothpick!

The Essence of Life


Don’t forget that essential oils are very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. I’ve definitely had my experience of adding waaaaaaaay too much lemongrass to my stir fry (one drop was overkill). So when I learned the toothpick trick, I had an ah-ha moment of “know better, do better.” For some oils, like lemon, a drop will do; but for others, like cinnamon, oregano, or lemongrass…. you need less than a drop, but how do you do that? Grab a toothpick and we’ll have a little lesson.

Stick it in there… Just the tip


It’s super simple and will save you your tastebuds and you won’t have to dump any food, drinks or oils. You can always add more, but you can never take it out. Grab a toothpick and dip it in the dropper. No need to open up the bottle fully. That’s it. Take your toothpick and stir it into what ever liquid you choose: water, coffee, tomato sauce, bone broth, vodka… do it! If you want more intense flavor, use a new toothpick, dip it again and give another swirl.



So for today’s coffee I choose cardamom. This oil has been in my arsenal for quite some time but I’ve honestly never used it. I was thumbing through my Essential Life book (which comes to you free when you sign up as a wellness advocate or wholesale customer through me – worth $35!) and came across its amazing benefits: menstrual and digestive support (it’s that time of the month again), mental congestion, and it moves your emotional balance from “Self-Centered” to “Charitable!” Bonus: it makes my coffee taste like chai.

There are so many oils you can perk your coffee or tea with, I’m sure one for each day of the month: cinnamon, bergamot, OnGuard, lavender, lemon, peppermint, lime, grapefruit, wild orange, cassia, DigestZen, fennel, Melissa, wintergreen… there, you’re covered for two weeks.

So let me know what you think! Comment below what you’ve tried, what you loved… and did NOT love.  If you have no essential oils in your cupboard and are ready to jump on board, this is a great way to start your day in this new year! Reach out to me at doYOUmamma@gmail.com or follow through to my personal dōTERRA Website and you could have these oils by the end of the week!