New Year New You – dōTERRA Promotion

dōTERRA is an amazing company. They make it rain on their Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers like no other company I know. Free education, free products for new members and incentives every month for established members. With the new year already under way everyone is always thinking about how to improve and dōTERRA, again, hits the nail on the head with their New Year New You Promo!


If your new year resolution is to lose weight, move your body more, make better connections with friends or yourself, to save money or to solve problems with more natural solutions, dōTERRA and doYOUmamma have got you covered.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn free product fast. First thing you need to do is attend my event. No worries! It’s virtual. Fill out this form below and we can chat via text, phone, email, facetime, or even face-to-face for about 15-30 minutes so we can get a better understanding of how essential oils are going to serve you and your family best.

Next you’ll place your first order, i’ll help you through it. You will choose an enrollment kit or a personalized set of oils that will meet your immediate needs. After you receive your order we will chat again and I will escort you through Essential Oils 101. We will cover basics like how to make roller bottles to how to use essential oils in the kitchen but we can also cover any additional health concerns you may have or any other areas you want to focus on. We will also build your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This is where the magic happens: this is how you start earning free product, shipping points back and get you closer to your free 100PV. After that meeting, I will give you your code and website to visit and you will receive your points either days after you place your LRP order!

It’s that simple. We build a relationship, you get empowered, you get free stuff.

In addition to the free bonus oil and 100PV you will be receiving from dōTERRA I will also be providing to you “The Essential Life” book. This book is 400+ color pages of all things essential oils. It has an ailment index, full page color descriptions of essential oils, pairing suggestions, a guide on blending, specific health topics like intimacy, babies, weight loss and it has a lot of great recipes!

I can’t wait for you to join me, I can’t wait to give you the tools you need to educate and empower yourself. Don’t take too much time or wait until the last minute. This offer ends 2/28/17!