My old breast friend could be your new breast friend. 

Ask any breastfeeding mom who has (or who has not) had supply issues at any point in time and they will suggest to you an overwhelming amount of products and ideas. Power pumping, block feeding, oatmeal, over the counter products…. and the list goes on.

As a mom of two who has successfully (and currently) nursed both of my children, I have tried it all. Some worked, most didn’t, and luckily, I didn’t lose my supply over it. I wanted to bring to your attention something natural and effective yet gentle and safe for your baby.

Basil and Fennel essential oil.

Do you know what a galactagogue is?

A galactagogue is a food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk.

One of the most popular of galactagogues is fenugreek.  Though it is an effective natural solution, it comes with a price of used too much. Oversupply, colic, foamy green poop diapers can be just the beginning, loss of supply or mastitis could be the end. Literally.

You’ll find fenugreek in a lot of over the counter “mother’s milk helpers” but without proper advice and use what you think could be helping you, could actually be hurting you goal: to nurse naturally to a point of time that makes both you AND baby happy.

All moms want to do is feed their babies. So what do you do when you feel as if you’ve exhausted your natural options, your milk supply has been professionally diagnosed as low (by a breastfeeding professional) and you don’t want to resort to prescription medications and you don’t want to use formula?

You talk to me.

I am a certified lactation counselor who has a Masters in Public Health who not only has 3 years of practical experience as a nursing mother but also clinical experience who has counseled hundreds of mothers with and without supply issues to reach their breastfeeding goals.

I have put together a kit to help nursing moms with supply issues.  This kit includes 100% pure, therapeutic grade, Basil and Fennel oil, a 400 page full color health and wellness book and the necessary tools needed to apply the oils. You also have access to my education and support as a breastfeeding counselor.

The book that saved me, my family and my kids
I open this book every single day. You should too


This kit allows you to safely promote your milk supply without resorting to medication. There is nothing to eat or drink (though you can safely consume these oils without causing harm to your baby). These oils are simply applied topically to the breast and massaged in. These oils can also support your babies digestion if applied to the baby as well when diluted.

If this sounds like something that you can benefit from I suggest you reach me today. Fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly. You could be receiving the support you need within a week.