So many empty bottles. So many uses. 

After a year of using essential oils I have more than my fair share of empty bottles.  I’ve had a handful of people ask me what to do with them and every time I give a different answer. There are so many ways to reuse a bottle that I thought I would give my three favorite ways.  

  1. I use essential oils all over my home and it seems pointless to always run to our bedroom (where I can keep my main stash) if I need oils in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the kids’ room or in my laundry room so I decided to keep bottles of what I use most, where I use it most. When a bottle is empty, after I purchase another, I will just split the bottles. One bottles can be in two places at once!
    These oils have a home.  I stopped splitting custody.
    Purify for the wash. Lavender and dryer balls, well, for the dryer
  2. Another thing I do with empties is use them with sampling. If I have a bunch of the same empties I’ll just give it to a friend after putting about 5-10 drops into the bottle.  They get a beautiful and real representation of the product and they can continue to have the aromatherapy benefits when they’ve used the last drop. 
  3. This is my current favorite: I make personal blends for neat (not diluted) application or for diffusers.  If I’m always using multiple oils for one use, I’ll just make a bottle if it so I’m not cracking open 2 or more bottles anymore. To me. It’s about  efficiency. For example, Jack has been doing really well and sleeping through the night while I’ve was diffusing cardamom & lime in his room.  He caught sister’s cold that she caught from school (I wasn’t fast enough with the OnGuard) and it really helped him breathe at night. I really love the smell and benefits of bergamot. Their benefits are similar and their monoterpenes are the same (they’re both citrus/limonene) so I switched it up and I saw even better results; longer naps and we’ve notice a more accelerated improvement in his eczema! 
    Good for the body, good for the soul

Like I mentioned before, I was tired of running to my bedroom to grab the oils for Jack’s room and then “losing them” because I never brought them back, so when I was about half way through my bottle of cardamom I popped the reservoir top off and filled the rest with bergamot, then I labeled it! This bottle can now stay in Jack’s room and I still have another full bottle of the others! 

Magic in a bottle!
Jack’s sleepy time blend

So! That’s it! Those are my top 3 ways to use empty bottles.  Follow my Pinterest page for more ways to use empties that other essential oils users have come up with, including ways to remove the sticky label (hint: it involves lemon oil)! 

Comment below if you’ve got a fantastic way to recycle or up-cycle your bottles and you and your tip can be featured here!

Happy oiling and don’t forget to Share Always and in All Ways.  

Author: doYOUmamma

I'm a lady, daughter, sister, wife and mother. I share always and in all ways.

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