doYOUmamma (verb)

When I worked in the public field of breastfeeding I used to say it to the moms I would counsel. Whether they breastfed, formula fed, combo fed, fed purees, did baby led weaning, co slept, bed shared, they slept in their own room, wore their babies or not I always told them “you do what you think is best for you and your babies, not for anyone else. No one will ever care for your babies as much as you ever will. You’ve carried them and have loved them 40 weeks longer than anyone else. You do you mamma” and it just stuck.

I still freelance as a breastfeeding consultant and my message is still the same.  A woman I’ve know since high school once said “You don’t have to be all natural, to go all natural,” and she’s right.  If you love Tide, use Tide; if you need prescription meds, please take them; entering into the world of essential oils doesn’t mean that you have to dump every conventional item you have in your home.  My essential oil overhaul didn’t happen overnight and I still have a long way to go. It’s a learning process and a lifestyle change.  If I’d quit commercial products overnight, dōTERRA would have lasted a week. Instead I slowly incorporated oils into my families life: I started with using the toothpaste everyday, moved onto using the deodorant, read up on and researched what oils I could use daily and how to switch it up, then I moved onto my husband, and then my kids.  Now my kids love oils and my daughter doesn’t want conventional things. She needs her oils and she needs her homemade hand sanitizer (recipe to come)!

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Like Medicine, it’s a practice.  I need to and have to learn everyday.  My brain: if I don’t use it, I lose it.

Lately I’ve been losing it though, both of my kids have been home sick for the week.  Yes we are a home that eats cookies and yes we are a home that uses ibuprofen. Yes we are a home that puts oils in our cookies (try lavender) and use we are a home that supports health by also using essential oils.

Keeping Sophia occupied with her iPhone and Jack needing to be carried (baby tax)

Author: doYOUmamma

I'm a lady, daughter, sister, wife and mother. I share always and in all ways.

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